The Family Truckster Built by Gary  & Jerry Schneider

has been purchased by...


The 2009 Berwyn, IL, Route 66 Car Show





Gene & Jude's Hot Dogs - River Grove, IL

Superdawgs Drive-In - Chicago, IL

When the waitress hung the tray of food on the window, she said, "And I promise it won't break the window."

I responded, "You remember that scene from the movie, do you?" She replied, "What movie?"

Superdawgs Drive-In - Chicago, IL


Don Schisler

Don Schisler was the Family Truckster process car driver for the National Lampoon's Vacation movie. In the summer of 2000, he graciously gave me the only known remaining crown emblem used on the Family Trucksters. Don inspired me to build this car.